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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkindredkin‧dred1 /ˈkɪndrɪd/ noun [uncountable] old use  FAMILYyour whole familykin
Examples from the Corpus
kindredAlmost certainly unwittingly, Benjamin was returning to the land of his far-off kindred.
kindredkindred2 adjective [only before noun]  1 a kindred spirit2 formalSA belonging to the same group or family The protest included members of Free the Streets and kindred organisations.
Examples from the Corpus
kindredA recent discovery has shown that in kindred matters they followed a tradition current in Athens, at least in the fourth century.Pharmacy and lavish automobile, what a kindred pair they were!Recognizing in Laz a kindred passion, I conceive a plan.The same kindred spirit flows in their veins.I could also imagine the gentle but resolute Amsale recognizing a kindred spirit in Neil Brown.No doubt she and Zahara had become friends because each recognised a kindred spirit in the other.I was different, to be sure, but he accepted me as a kindred spirit of sorts.Was there some kindred spirit that linked this Samburu tribesman with a group of walkers from Sheffield?
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