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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkitchenwarekitch‧en‧ware /ˈkɪtʃənweə $ -wer/ noun [uncountable]  pots, pans, and other things used for cooking
Examples from the Corpus
kitchenwareThe answer was to sell other things in the same style: china, lighting, textiles, rugs and kitchenware.Choose steel or ceramic kitchenware instead.This includes travel goods, kitchenware and decorative accessories in classic Sanderson designs.The blades rotate inside a plastic cup, so the blender can even be used in nonstick kitchenware.But in the mid-eighties it developed a line of kitchenware going completely over to this at Christmas.Output - some firms will have departments reflecting a particular product such as furniture, soft furnishings or kitchenware.Our kitchenware consisted of two pots, one for cooking rice and the other for soup or stew.
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