Language: Old English
Origin: cneow


1 noun
Related topics: Human
knee1 S2 W2 [countable]
1HBH the joint that bends in the middle of your leg:
Lucy had a bandage round her knee.
on your knees
She was on her knees (=kneeling) weeding the garden.
sink/fall/drop to your knees (=move so that you are kneeling)
Tim fell to his knees and started to pray.
a knee injury
2DC the part of your clothes that covers your knee:
His jeans had holes in both knees.

on somebody's knee

HBH on the top part of your legs when you are sitting down:
Daddy, can I sit on your knee?

knees knocking (together)

if your knees are knocking, you are feeling very afraid or very cold

on your knees

in a way that shows you have no power but want or need something very much:
He went on his knees begging for his job back.

bring somebody/something to their knees

a) to defeat a country or group of people in a war:
The bombing was supposed to bring the country to its knees.
b) to have such a bad effect on an organization, activity etc that it cannot continue [= cripple]:
The recession has brought many companies to their knees.

put/take somebody over your knee

old-fashioned to punish a child by hitting them

on bended knee(s)

old-fashioned in a way that shows great respect for someone

➔ learn/be taught something at your mother's knee

at mother1 (4)

; ➔ the bee's knees

at bee (5)

; ➔ weak at the knees

at weak (13)

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