Language: Old English
Origin: cnif


1 noun
Related topics: Daily Life, Utensils
knife1 S3 W3 plural knives [countable]
1DDFU a metal blade fixed into a handle, used for cutting or as a weapon [↪ scalpel]:
a knife and fork
Some young people are carrying knives to defend themselves.
a kitchen knife
Use a sharp knife to cut the melon into sections.

the knives are out (for somebody)

informal used to say that people are being extremely unfriendly in criticizing someone:
The knives are out for the vice president.

twist/turn the knife (in the wound)

to say something that makes someone more upset about a subject they are already unhappy about

stick/put etc the knife in/into someone

British English informal to dislike someone and be very unfriendly towards them

under the knife

informal having a medical operation

you could cut the atmosphere/air/tension with a knife

used to say that you felt the people in a room were angry with each other

like a (hot) knife through butter

informal used to say that something happens or is done very easily, without any problems

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