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ldoce_902_dknobknob /nɒb $ nɑːb/ noun [countable]  1 Da round handle or thing that you turn to open a door, turn on a television etc He thought the door was locked, but he turned the knob and the door opened. a brass door knob I adjusted the volume knob and sat down.2 a knob of something3 British English spoken not politeHBH a penis4 with (brass) knobs on
Examples from the Corpus
knobWe install a knob which allows us to adjust the water level of the tank.Locating the knob, he tugged.I pulled the knob and out came a circular weight covered in purple velvet.I chatter with enthusiasm whilst knobs of butter slide off the fishes' backs and sizzle to blister bubbles.Book Week sets out every year to persuade children that life is not square and sits in the corner with knobs on.
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