Language: Old English
Origin: cnotta


1 noun
Related topics: Hair and Beauty, Measurement, Water
knot1 [countable]

string/rope etc

a) a part where one or more pieces of string, rope, cloth etc have been tied or twisted togetherCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
tie a knot tie something in a knot undo a knot (=unfasten it) loosen a knot a tight knot
Are you any good at tying knots?
Thread the string through the hoop and tie it in a knot.
b) DCB a part where hair, a thread etc has become accidentally twisted together:
I can't get the knots out of my hair.
knot in
There's a knot in my shoelace.

hair style

a hair style in which your hair is arranged in a tight round shape on top of your head


TI a hard round place in a piece of wood where a branch once joined the tree

ship's speed

a unit for measuring the speed of ships and aircraft, equal to about 1853 metres per hour


a small group of people standing close together
knot of
Knots of delegates stood around outside the conference centre.


a tight uncomfortable feeling caused by a strong emotion such as fear or anger
knot of
a knot of anxiety in her stomach
Her stomach was in knots.

hard mass

a tight painful place in a muscle
Gordian knot

; ➔ at a rate of knots

at rate1 (7)

; ➔ tie the knot

at tie2 (5)

; ➔ tie yourself (up) in knots

at tie1 (6)

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