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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishknow-howˈknow-how noun [uncountable] informal  KNOW somethingknowledge, practical ability, or skill to do something those who have the know-how to exploit the technology to the fullest the know-how needed by today’s practising lawyer No other company had the technical know-how to deal with the disaster.see thesaurus at knowledge
Examples from the Corpus
know-howThere was a lack of managerial and technical know-how in the steel industry.We have the know-how to prevent accidents from happening.The US supplied the machinery, the know-how, and most of the capital.technical know-howNo other credible entity, public or private, had the experience and technical know-how to cope with the disaster.These integrated teams also need to be outward-looking because technical know-how diffuses rapidly through the upstream industry.Innovations are an unusual and energetic company with considerable in-house technical know-how.Indeed I think it is true to say the technical know-how required then was far greater than it is now.However, their technical know-how does not match their physical prowess.
From Longman Business Dictionaryknow-howˈknow-how noun [uncountable] practical ability, knowledge and skill in a technical areaInnovations plc are an unusual and energetic company with considerable in-house technical know-how.the acquisition of know-how or patent rights
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