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know your place

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishknow your placeknow your placeused to say that someone understands that they are less important than other people – usually used humorously I know my place. I’ll get back to the kitchen! know
Examples from the Corpus
know your placeI'll get back to the kitchen then - I know my place!Mitch and I know our place.She did not love him, but he knew his place.There was a lot to be said for knowing your place if you wanted help from Bloomsbury House.George W.. Bush knows his place in the 1996 presidential race.Everyone knew their place in the family, and Dad's was usually behind the newspaper.We know our place in this world.He knew his place, Shamlou mused contentedly.It ought to know its place, which ought not to be No. 1.
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