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know your way around something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishknow your way around somethingknow your way around somethinga) to be so familiar with something that you are confident and good at using it She knows her way around a wine list. b) to be familiar with a place so that you know where things are I don’t know my way around the city yet. know
Examples from the Corpus
know your way around somethingAnd he knew his way around.The people had been friendly, and she had known her way around.Bike testers these days tend to know their way around a track.They seemed to know their way around; at least one of them must have been familiar with the layout.For he is convinced he knows his way around better than anyone else on earth.Fortunately, I knew my way around cars.He knows his way around the course and, with any luck, I felt the ground would come up soft.For those who have used soft chalk pastels and know their way around the tints I would advise loose pastels.
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