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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishknownknown1 /nəʊn $ noʊn/ verb  x-refthe past participle of know1knownknown2 ●●○ W3 adjective  1 FAMOUS[only before noun] used about something that people know about or have discovered a study of all the known facts her last known address Apart from vaccines, there is no known way to protect against meningitis.2 [only before noun] a known criminal, drug dealer etc is someone who people know to be regularly involved in criminal activities or to do other things that are disapproved of He was found with several other known sex offenders. a known liar3 be known for something4 well-known/little-known/lesser-known
Examples from the Corpus
knownIt was also in Edessa that the oldest known church was built, then destroyed in A.D. 201.a known drug dealerTypically for the period the quantity of finished products is far greater than the known examples of production sites.Pat Young is one of the province's best known fashion mavericks.These are the truly intractable pains and they are called intractable because they respond to no known form of therapy.What might be acceptable would be to sample known previous offenders.This work organised the known theory of permutation groups and its relationship with Galois Theory.