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Koran, the

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Koran, thethe KoranKo‧ran, the (also the Quran, the Qur'an) /kɔːˈrɑːn, kə- $ kəˈræn, -ˈrɑːn/  RRIthe holy book of the MuslimsKoranic /kəˈrænɪk/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
Koran, theAccording to the Koran, for example, women and girls must always cover their arms and legs.He could not, either, remember this fact being mentioned in the Koran.He must get off the subject of the Koran.He was expounding a Sura, one of the parable-like stories of the Koran, extracting from it lessons for the faithful.If only he could manage to finish the Koran.People, they said, would do better to stay at home and contemplate the teachings of the Koran.They wore weird slippers, they quoted the heavier bits of the Koran at you.Unlike the Koran, however, the Bible has long been fair game for spirited literary re-readings.
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