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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishLL1, l /el/ (plural L’s, l’s) noun  1 [countable, uncountable]SLA the 12th letter of the English alphabet2 HMN[countable] the number 50 in the system of roman numerals
Examples from the Corpus
LSunday, November 9,1997 L.Oxygen inhalations given at 6-7 L / minute is very effective.Gordon definitely started off on the right foot, though, born the son of an L.Mrs B continued to care for L.Later this month Pac Bell will run ads in the L.I found four thousand six hundred fifty-two articles in the L.Some outsiders have a better understanding of our assets than we do, and want to snag a piece of the L.All organically grown, of course -- and all found at farmers markets throughout the L.
LL2  1 the written abbreviation of large, used on clothes to show the size2 the written abbreviation of lake, used on maps3 the written abbreviation of learner, used on cars to show that the driver is a learner L-platell 1 TMthe written abbreviation of litre or litres2 TCNthe written abbreviation of lineFrom Longman Business Dictionaryll written abbreviation for LITRE(S)
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