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lala /lɑː/ noun [uncountable]  APMAPMthe sixth note in a musical scale, according to the sol-fa system
Examples from the Corpus
laTry Cabot Vermont light Cheddar, the creme de la creme of low-fat cheeses.Fernando de la Rua, the country's hapless president, is exuding quiet confidence.More than 100 rounds were fired into de la Torre's car as he drove to work on a Sunday morning.The chances are that Mr de la Rua will manage to defeat efforts to overturn his decrees.Peter de la Billiere, will no longer be welcome at the table of the heroic fighting force he once led.He had visited shanty settlements known as fa las owing to their resemblance, at a distance, to honeycombs.
LALA //  1 the abbreviation of Los Angeles2 the abbreviation of Local Authority
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