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labour movement

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlabour movementˈlabour ˌmovement British English, labor movement American English noun   the labour movement
Examples from the Corpus
labour movementOutraged by this action, the miners, supported by the Colorado labour movement, took up arms and raided local mines.The policies and attitudes of the autocracy virtually ruled out the emergence of a moderate, reformist labour movement.There was a tendency to radicalism in the labour movement.Parts of the labour movement, however, remained or became hostile to the war.From then on, the labour movement offered no serious opposition to conscription as such.Industrial militancy naturally declined, and the problem of the unemployed almost completely preoccupied the labour movement until 1934.These divisions within the labour movement made it a less influential force on the side of social reform than is often thought.Some voices within the labour movement stressed a blend of self-improvement, pleasure and health.
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