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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlackinglack‧ing /ˈlækɪŋ/ ●●○ adjective [not before noun]  1 ENOUGHnot having enough of something or any of itlacking in He was lacking in confidence. She seems to be entirely lacking in intelligence. The new designs have all been found lacking in some important way.2 NOT HAVEif something that you need or want is lacking, it does not exist Financial backing for the project is still lacking. These qualities are sadly lacking today.
Examples from the Corpus
lackingPorter said his golf game is definitely lacking.found lackingThe video speed on the Packard Bell was one of three areas I found lacking.When the chips are on the table, will you be found lacking?The Master was found lacking, and was dismissed by the Company on 1st September, with £10 compensation.Had been found lacking by Dionne and it hurt.sadly lackingAdequate resources and funding, both sadly lacking at present, are also vital.Their kind was sadly lacking in Nikol'skaia volost' in 1922.Your sister Alice was sadly lacking in that respect.What is sadly lacking is the will to express such views and to act on them.Again the evidence is sadly lacking, not only for the centres but also for the estates themselves.It turns itself off if you leave it untouched for five minutes, a feature sadly lacking on the GameBoy.As a lover he is sadly lacking, señorita.
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