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lactoselac‧tose /ˈlæktəʊs $ -toʊs/ noun [uncountable]  DFNHCCa type of sugar found in milk, sometimes used as a food for babies and sick people
Examples from the Corpus
lactoseEverything is lactose intolerant now. nineties disease.Typically in these cases, sodium chloride has been substituted for powdered lactose or other carbohydrate.Many say, for example, that lactose intolerance is mostly in the minds of consumers.Gastrointestinal symptoms after the lactose load were reported by four patients.Taken in mid-morning, it coated the teeth and then incubated until lunchtime; the lactose fermented into lactic acid.They may be at the root of colic, which is why lactose intolerance is important here.Are you lactose intolerant kitty, just like me?
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