Date: 1200-1300
Origin: Perhaps from a Scandinavian language


Related topics: Horses
lad S3 W3 [countable] British English
1 old-fashioned or informal a boy or young man [↪ lass]:
Things were different when I was a lad.

the lads

spoken a group of male friends that a man works with or spends his free time with:
a night out with the lads
one of the lads (=a member of your group of friends)

a bit of a lad

spoken a man that people like even though he behaves rather badly:
That Chris is a bit of a lad, isn't he?

lad culture

informal the way in which some young men behave, involving typically male activities such as drinking a lot of alcohol, driving fast cars, and watching football - used to show disapproval
5 also stable ladDSH a boy or man who works with horses [= stable boy]

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