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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishladenla‧den /ˈleɪdn/ adjective  1 CARRY literary heavily loaded with something, or containing a lot of somethingladen with The tables were laden with food.fully/heavily laden The lorry was fully laden. snow-laden branches2 HAVEhaving a lot of a particular quality, thing etcladen with She was laden with doubts about the affair. trucks laden with equipment a debt-laden company
Examples from the Corpus
ladenthe copper-laden earthladen withcakes and pastries laden with cream and chocolate
From Longman Business Dictionaryladenla‧den /ˈleɪdn/ adjective1TRANSPORTloaded with a particular material or substanceNo laden tanker over 10,000 gross tonnes is permitted to pass through the area.an oil-laden truckladen witha lorry laden with 4 tonnes of waste paper2TRANSPORT laden in bulk a ship that is laden in bulk is one with a load, for example of coal, that is loose and not stored in containers3having or containing a lot of a particular thingan increase in bankruptcies among debt-laden corporationsladen withThe new version of the software is laden with useful features.
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