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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlaid-backˌlaid-ˈback adjective  RELAXEDrelaxed and seeming not to be worried about anything opp uptight I don’t know how you can be so laid-back about your exams.laid-back attitude/manner/approach etc He is famed for his laid-back attitude.see thesaurus at calm
Examples from the Corpus
laid-backMy parents are pretty laid-back and don't mind me staying out late.He's very laid-back and lets the kids do whatever they want.Sue's always had a laid-back attitude toward life.He seems like a laid-back kind of a guy.a laid-back lifestyleColorado's laid-back lifestyleI think Morris is too laid-back to run the company.laid-back attitude/manner/approach etcAnd she saw something else: Michael Stein's easy, laid-back manner had subtly altered.They might even be prepared to overlook his enthusiasm for the euro, particularly in view of his laid-back attitude towards it.Harvey, with his public school accent and laid-back manner, was a different kettle of fish.
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