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laissez-fairelais‧sez-faire, laisser-faire /ˌleseɪ ˈfeə, ˌleɪ- $ -ˈfer/ noun [uncountable]  1 PEthe principle that the government should allow the economy or private businesses to develop without any state control or influence the policy of laissez-fairelaissez-faire economics/capitalism2 laissez-faire attitude/approach etc
Examples from the Corpus
laissez-fairelaissez-faire policieslaissez-faire economics/capitalismThe development of Docklands is anything but laissez-faire economics.They were non-religious, anti-socialist and supported laissez-faire economics.
From Longman Business Dictionarylaissez-fairelais‧sez-faire /ˌleseɪ ˈfeə, ˌleɪ--ˈfer/ (also laisser-faire) noun [uncountable] ECONOMICS the idea that governments should do as little to the economy as possible and allow private business to develop without the state controlling or influencing ita balance between laissez-faire and old style statismThe computer industry is almost entirely unregulated, governed only by the Darwinian laws of laissez-faire economics.
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