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laissez-faire attitude/approach etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlaissez-faire attitude/approach etclaissez-faire attitude/approach etcwhen you do not become involved in other people’s personal affairs laissez-faire
Examples from the Corpus
laissez-faire attitude/approach etcThe least they did was to adopt a laissez-faire attitude or one of deliberate non-interference so that the women felt free of pressure.After the Williams Report, it was very hard to argue convincingly for a laissez-faire approach to screen entertainment.Market-orientated, almost laissez-faire attitudes figured ever more prominently in the Conservative Party when in opposition in the 1970s.In the light of this we briefly consider rules and laissez-faire approaches to mergers as alternatives to that of pragmatic cost-benefit.Thus we might expect to move gradually to a more participative or laissez-faire approach.Proponents of this laissez-faire approach have however themselves been challenged.
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