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lakelake /leɪk/ ●●● S3 W3 noun  1 [countable]DN a large area of water surrounded by land Lake Michigan2 wine/milk etc lakeGRAMMAR: Patterns with lakein the lakeYou use in the lake to talk about things that happen in the water: You can swim in the lake.Are there any fish in the lake? on the lakeYou use on the lake to talk about things that happen on the surface of a lake or are very close to the edge of a lake: We go sailing on the lake.They have a cottage on the lake.at the lakeYou use at the lake when thinking of a lake as a place where you can go: We spend summers at the lake.There’s a café at the lake.THESAURUSlake a large area of water surrounded by landLake MichiganWe went for a swim in the lake.lagoon an area of water that is separated from the sea by rocks, sand, or corala tropical lagooncoastal lagoonsloch in Scotland, a lake or an area of sea water that is almost completely surrounded by landLoch Nessa sea lochreservoir a lake, especially an artificial one, where water is stored before it is supplied to people’s housesThe reservoirs supply water to Greater Manchester.pond a small area of fresh water that is smaller than a lake, which is either natural or artificially madeThere were several ducks on the village pond.pool a small area of still water in a hollow placea pool of water near the summit of the mountaina rockpool (=a pool in some rocks near the sea)puddle a very small area of water on the ground, especially after it has been rainingShe turned quickly to avoid stepping in a puddle.waterhole a small area of water in a dry country, where wild animals go to drinkThe waterhole is used by elephants.
Examples from the Corpus
lakeLake ErieIn the summer, we go water skiing on the lake.
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