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lamp-postˈlamp-post, lamp post, lamppost /ˈlæmp-pəʊst $ -poʊst/ noun [countable]  lamp_post.jpg TTRa tall pole that supports a light over a street or public area
Examples from the Corpus
lamp-postIt mounted a pavement, smashed a lamp-post and ended up on its roof in the middle of the road.At half past eleven or so, they were first spotted under a lamp-post at the end of the road.Snowballs explode like white bombs on doors and lamp-posts.They hung from railings and lamp-posts like baskets of old clothes.Computer print-outs so big and heavy they'd wrenched the bin off its lamp-post.If there had been a loose lamp-post in sight I probably would have grabbed that.Strung between the lamp-posts like gelatine they were devoid of nocturnal magic in the middle of a winter day.The lamp-post in the new King's Road is one of the type adapted from London cannon bollards.
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