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LANLAN /læn/ noun [countable]  technicalTD (local area network) a system that connects computers to each other within a building or organization so that people can use and work on the same informationWAN
Examples from the Corpus
LANLinks between LANs are needed for individual special purposes.The network topology within each LAN is flexible.The new products are part of a major SunConnect initiative to address the growing demand for tightly interconnected LANs and WANs.For the user it is as if everyone were signed on to the same LAN.I usually set up my small LAN at home with direct addressing rather than letting Windows 98 allocate them automatically.MANs are usually segregated hierarchically into smaller LANs that are interconnected using devices called bridges.The host software installs in seconds so that FastPort is up and running on your Unix LAN in minutes.
From Longman Business DictionaryLANLAN /læn/ noun [countable] COMPUTING local area network; a way of connecting computers to each other within a particular building or organization so that users can use and work on the same information compare WAN
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