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land somebody in trouble/hospital/court etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishland somebody in trouble/hospital/court etcland somebody in trouble/hospital/court etcCAUSEto cause someone to have serious problems or be in a difficult situation Connie’s going to land herself in big trouble if she keeps arriving late for work. She developed pneumonia which landed her in hospital. land
Examples from the Corpus
land somebody in trouble/hospital/court etcBut that would land Dolly in trouble.In fact, it's the very program that landed Microsoft in court.It doesn't have to land you in trouble.Might we not show these photographs to the government and land the people in trouble?Being too aggressive can land you in trouble - and still not get you paid.There was no harm in that but it landed him in trouble every time.The attendant filed criminal charges against the princess, landing her in court two days after she landed at Logan.
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