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language laboratory

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlanguage laboratoryˈlanguage laˌboratory / $ ˈ.. ˌ..../ noun (plural language laboratories) [countable]  SETa room in a school or college where you can learn to speak a foreign language by listening to tapes and recording your own voice
Examples from the Corpus
language laboratoryThere is also an audiovisual language laboratory and facilities for receiving and recording satellite transmissions and for videoconferencing.It is well equipped with modern teaching aids including video, portable language laboratory sets, etc.He has some electronic equipment originally intended for the language laboratory, which enhances the sound quality.A variety of dialogues, drills and exercises are provided for use in the language laboratory, in class or at home.There are also extensive entries on classroom practice, teaching methods, the language laboratory and the psychology of learning.
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