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lanternlan‧tern /ˈlæntən $ -ərn/ noun [countable]  lantern.jpg Da lamp that you can carry, consisting of a metal container with glass sides that surrounds a flame or light Chinese lantern, magic lantern
Examples from the Corpus
lanternAnd thus attired, each of us having a lantern in our hands, we went into the salt mine.I made Joanna respectable by putting up my anchor lantern, made myself a mug of cocoa, and turned in.Bobbing lanterns wove in and out of the goods trains in the College Rail Yard.Years ago it housed all the village activities including lantern slides, then moving pictures when they came into being.When we were young we tended it like a magic lantern, and we continue to find its place.Camp stoves, lanterns, electric lanterns and propane heaters without open flames are allowed.This is because there are so many domes and the lantern of each is pierced with windows.
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