2 verb
lapse2 [intransitive]
1 to gradually come to an end or to stop for a period of time:
The conversation lapsed.
2 if a contract, agreement etc lapses, it comes to an end, usually because an agreed time limit has passed:
Your booking will automatically lapse unless you confirm it.
3 to stop believing in or following a religion:
those people who have lapsed from the practice of their religion
4 formal if a period of time lapses, it passes:
Many years had lapsed since her first visit to Wexford.

lapse into something

phrasal verb

lapse into unconsciousness/silence/sleep etc

to go into a quiet or less active state:
He lapsed into a coma and died two days later.
Alison lapsed into puzzled silence.
2 to begin to behave or speak in a way that you did before:
She lapsed back into her old ways.
Occasionally he lapsed into his native German.
3 to get into a worse state or become worse:
Following his death, the Empire lapsed into chaos.
His poetry often lapses into sentimentality.

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