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larchlarch /lɑːtʃ $ lɑːrtʃ/ noun [countable, uncountable]  HBPa tree that looks like a pine tree but drops its leaves in winter
Examples from the Corpus
larchA thin squeaking betrayed the presence of two baby gold crests, precariously balanced on the branch of a larch.I rubbed a patch clear and looked out hopefully; saw stone walls, the vague shapes of silver birch and larch.They'd passed beyond the deciduous woods, and the trees on either side were conifers - larch, spruce and pine.And near that plateau was a forest of larch and evergreen oak.There are many designs of tripod varying from interlocking A-frames to simple uprights made from the tips of larch or spruce trees.These and other shrubs were interspersed with small, scraggly larch and black spruce trees.The trees on this bog were bonsai-like black spruce, red maple, and occasional scrawny larch covered with lichens.Some conifers, though, such as the larch, have adopted the deciduous habit too.
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