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larger than life

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlarger than lifelarger than lifeINTERESTINGsomeone who is larger than life is very amusing or exciting in an attractive way large
Examples from the Corpus
larger than lifeFloyd Elgin Dominy, larger than life.He was for me larger than life.Pitt, as always, is larger than life.Nothing else in existence whatsoever, but there, all alone and larger than life, a huge carrot.Shrimpton was in the mid-forties, overweight, and slightly larger than life, a sociable type.Worrying about your problems, which seem larger than life at that time of night, is hard to resist.He was an ebullient, larger than life denial of all that was Right: he chain-smoked and drank too much.She was like a larger than life fantasy that had just come true.Graham was one of the larger-than-life legends of the rock era.
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