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larvalar‧va /ˈlɑːvə $ ˈlɑːrvə/ noun (plural larvae /-viː/) [countable]  HBIa young insect with a soft tube-shaped body, which will later become an insect with wings syn grub, → pupalarval adjective
Examples from the Corpus
larvaThere will be larvae too, but these are small and go through the sieve.The sea squirt larva is not the only filter-feeder with such a significant rod in its back.There are three stages - larva, nymph and adult - each of which quite often feeds off a different host.At higher temperatures, development is faster and the larvae are hyperactive, thus depleting their lipid reserves.Escamoles are the larva and pupa stage of the red ant.This, at least, is some suggestion of a backbone, but the larva does not keep it for very long.Growth is rapid, on a diet of tiny larvae, worms and relatives.The eggs sit all winter, but don't turn to larvae until there's a rain.
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