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last/final resort

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlast/final resortlast/final resortFAILwhat you will do if everything else failsas a last resort Drug treatment should only be used as a last resort.of last resort a weapon of last resortin the last resort British English Economic sanctions will be used only in the last resort. resort
Examples from the Corpus
in the last resortThat belief, in the last resort, is one which separates modern from medieval man.But in the last resort what really moves us is our personal convictions.But in the last resort, political decisions rest upon judgement, or political wisdom, and upon interests.For the viability of towns depends in the last resort on a solid economic foundation.Resettlement outside the region should be considered only in the last resort.The statement makes clear that sanctions will be used only in the last resort.Only in the last resort, under careful international policing and after all other attempts at persuasion have been exhausted.Great power status was in the last resort the ability to wage war.
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