1 determiner, adjective
last1 S1 W1
1 most recent or nearest to the present time [↪ next (12)]:
I hadn't seen him since the last meeting.
last night/week/year etc
Did you see the game on TV last night?
The law was passed last August.
Interest in golf has grown rapidly in the last ten years.
Things have changed since the last time (=the most recent occasion) you were here.
2 happening or existing at the end, with no others after [≠ first]:
I didn't read the last chapter of the book.
The next meeting will be held in the last week in June.
the last person/thing etc to do something
Anna was the last person to see him alive.
last but one/two etc (=last except for one other, two others etc)
on the last but one day of his trial
3 remaining after all others have gone, been used etc:
Can I have the last piece of cake?
every last (=used to emphasize that you mean all of something)
All the money was gone; every last penny of it.

the last minute/moment

the latest possible time before something happens:
Travelers will find it hard to get a hotel room at the last minute.
He never makes a decision until almost the last moment.

the last person/thing

used to make a strong negative statement about someone or something:
She's the last person I'd expect to meet in a disco (=I would not expect to meet her in a disco at all).
Money was the last thing I cared about right now.
the last thing somebody needs/wants
The last thing she needed was for me to start crying too.

be the last straw

to be the final thing in a series of annoying things that makes someone very angry:
He'd broken his promise again, and it was the last straw.

last thing (at night)

at the very end of the day:
Take a couple of these pills last thing at night to help you sleep.

on your last legs

a) very tired:
Sarah looks as if she's on her last legs.
b) very ill and likely to die soon

on its last legs

informal old or in bad condition, and likely to stop working soon:
The car's on its last legs.

be the last word in something

to be the best, most modern, or most comfortable example of something:
It's the last word in luxury holidays.

➔ last resort

at resort1 (2)

➔ with your last/dying breath

at breath (9)
last hurrah

➔ have the last laugh

at laugh2 (6)

➔ the last/final word

at word1 (14)

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