3 noun, pronoun
last3 S1 W1

the last

the person or thing that comes after all the others [≠ first]:
I think this box is the last.
the last to do something
He was the first to arrive and the last to leave.

at (long) last

if something happens at last, it happens after you have been hoping, waiting, or working for it a long time:
At last it was time to leave.
We reached the summit at last.
see usage note lastly

the day/week/year etc before last

the day, week etc before the one that has just finished:
I sent the letter off the week before last.

the last of something

the remaining parts of something:
John ate the last of the bread at lunchtime.

somebody hasn't heard the last of somebody/something

if you have not heard the last of someone or something, they may return and cause problems for you in the future:
We haven't heard the last of football violence.

somebody will never hear the last of something

if you will never hear the last of something, someone will be angry with you about it for a long time:
If my mother sees me, I'll never hear the last of this.

the last I heard

spoken used to tell someone the most recent news that you know about a person or situation:
The last I heard, she was at college studying law.

to the last

formal until the end of an event or the end of someone's life:
He died in 1987, insisting to the last he was innocent.

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