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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlastinglast‧ing /ˈlɑːstɪŋ $ ˈlæs-/ ●○○ adjective [usually before noun]  LONG TIMEstrong enough, well enough planned etc to continue for a very long time syn long-lasting The reforms will bring lasting benefits. Their generosity made a lasting impression on me. a solution that would bring lasting peacesee thesaurus at long, permanent
Examples from the Corpus
lastingJapan's creation of a Western-style economy has been the country's lasting achievement.The speech could do lasting damage to US--German relations.The committee's decision could have a lasting effect on the community.His next book is about the lasting effects of the Vietnam war.The incident left a lasting impression on the young girl.Until we all give up violence, there cannot possibly be lasting peace in the world.a lasting peace settlementlasting impressionThe implementation of the rationalisation programme left a lasting impression on Finniston which was to influence his future operating style.Yet he made a greater, more lasting impression on her than most lovers would or could.His family had been very poor when he was young, and it had left a lasting impression on him.It made a lasting impression on me.The vulgarity had a lasting impression on me.Their firsthand involvement in the human problems of cultural change has made a lasting impression on most of them.Such stories would have made a lasting impression on my father and given him an early interest in Abyssinia.But George Burt made a lasting impression on the place, after which it was no longer the old-world village it had been.
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