Language: Old English
Origin: læt


1 adjective
late1 S1 W1 comparative later, superlative latest

after expected time

arriving, happening, or done after the time that was expected, agreed, or arranged [≠ early]:
Sorry I'm late - I overslept.
ten minutes/two hours etc late
You're half an hour late.
The train was even later than usual.
We apologize for the late departure of flight AZ709.
There are penalties if loan repayments are late.
late for
Cheryl was late for school.
late with
We've never been late with the rent.

near the end

[only before noun] used to refer to the part near the end of a period of time [≠ early]:
a late eighteenth century building
Paul's in his late forties.
in the late 1980s
By late afternoon, she had done 10 drawings.

be too late

to arrive or do something after the time when something could or should have been done:
He shouted a warning but it was too late.
too late to do something
Are we too late to get tickets?
It was too late to turn back.

after usual time

happening or done after the usual or normal time:
a late breakfast
The harvest was late this year because of the rain.
She looked tired - too many late nights (=nights when she went to bed after the normal time).


near the end of a day:
the late movie
It's late - I'd better go home.


[only before noun] dead
late husband/wife
Mrs. Moore's late husband

late developer/bloomer

a) a child who develops socially, emotionally, or physically at a later age than other children
b) someone who does not become successful until they are older

it's (a little/bit) late in the day (to do something)

used to show disapproval because someone has done something too late:
It's a bit late in the day to start having objections.

late of something

formal used about someone who has died fairly recently:
Billy Hicks, late of this parish
lateness noun [uncountable]
penalties for lateness at work
despite the lateness of the hour

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