2 adverb
late2 S2 W3 comparative later, superlative no superlative
1 after the usual time:
The stores are open later on Thursdays.
Ellen has to work late tonight.
Can you stay late?
2 after the arranged or expected time [≠ early]
ten minutes/two hours etc late
The bus came ten minutes late.

too late

after the time when something could or should have been done:
The advice came too late.
4 near to the end of a period of time or an event
late in
The wedding took place late in May.
It was not a place to walk in late at night.

as late as something

used to express surprise that something considered old-fashioned was still happening so recently:
Capital punishment was still used in Britain as late as the 1950s.

of late

formal recently:
Birth rates have gone down of late.

late in life

if you do something late in life, you do it at an older age than most people do it

better late than never

used to say that you are glad someone has done something, or to say that they should do something even though they are late

➔ run late

at run1 (39)

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