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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlaterlat‧er1 /ˈleɪtə $ -ər/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 AFTERafter the time you are talking about or after the present time I’m going out for a bit – I’ll see you later.two years/three weeks etc later He became Senator two years later.later that day/morning/week etc The baby died later that night.later in the day/week/year The dentist could fit you in later in the week.see thesaurus at after2 later on3 not later than something
Examples from the Corpus
laterShe became ill in 1993, and died two years later.Sorry, I'm busy right now - I'll speak to you later.They reached the edge of the city half an hour later.I didn't find out the truth until much later.A short time later, a woman entered the compartment and sat down across from them carrying a copy of Vogue.But we passed again, later, and the hands hadn't moved to an earlier time.Here it is ten months later and they are able to say thanks, we are healing.Ronald Reagan joined the Republican Party in 1962 and later became Governor of California.A few days later I received another call.A couple of days later I saw her in a downtown bar.Time enough for that later, if need be.Later in the poem there is a reference to the poet's unhappy childhood.We will consider the implications of the failure of this assumption later in the section.We are developing a training course to run later in the year.The first part of the film is really boring but it gets better later on.A patient who signs a consent form for a surgical operation can not later sue the surgeon for battery.Later that afternoon, Anna came to see me.We heard later that he had gone back to Japan.Later that month we got another letter from them asking for more money.Later that night Bernstein visited her in her apartment.I found out much later that some of the children I taught had become teachers themselves.He was later transferred to St John's hospital in Livingston where he underwent plastic surgery.I'll tell you about it later when I'm not so busy.later that day/morning/week etcAlthough the students were not in the courtroom for the announcement, they visited the Supreme Court building later that day.Edusha came to wake me later that morning.He and Rufus had talked about money later that day.The cast was off at least once later that morning.The rebels gave themselves up to loyal officers later that day.The recruiting office couldn't deal with him at once, so he went back home later that day.Back in the bungalow later that day, I pulled myself together.A photo taken later that day shows the aircraft in its damaged state after the fourth flight.
laterlater2 adjective [only before noun]  1 AFTERcoming in the future or after something else opp earlier The role of marketing is dealt with in a later chapter. The launch was postponed to a later date.2 NEWmore recent opp earlier The engine has been greatly improved in later models.3 in later years/lifeTHESAURUSlater happening or existing at some time in the future after something or someone elseWe will discuss this at a later time.Later historians have cast doubt on the truth of his story. They say that they may need to review the case at a later stage.following happening or coming immediately after something – used about periods of time, or parts of a piece of writingHe resigned the following year.The following day he was back to normal.Gandhi 's attitude to religion is dealt with in the following chapter.future likely to happen or exist at some time in the futureWhat influence will this have on future developments?subsequent formal happening or coming at some time after something elsea subsequent decision by the Supreme CourtSubsequent events proved him wrong. In subsequent years, the number of patients became smaller and smaller. succeeding coming after someone or something else – used about a series of groups of people, periods of time, or parts of a bookHis work was admired by succeeding generations.Over the succeeding months, the stitches were carefully removed.These problems are further discussed in the succeeding chapters.
Examples from the Corpus
laterIn later centuries Venice lost its former importance and began to go into decline.I will explain how to deal with this problem in a later chapter.This topic will be discussed more fully in a later chapter.You'll find that information in a later chapter.The allowances can be diminished for later children, on the grounds that the marginal cost goes down.Dixon pleaded guilty to all the charges and will be sentenced at a later date.Skills can be refined at a later date.The Hartmans traded in their '92 VW for a later model.The view is persuasively developed in the later portions of the book but without a sense of its controversial character.The opening sprint was won from dead last, a mid-card sprint from eighth, a later route from sixth.The author returns to the same subject in a later section of the book.This will be developed further in a later section which describes the binomial and Black-Scholes option pricing models.In a later speech, the minister admitted he had been wrong.We can sort out the final details at a later stage.The newborn can also accomplish this at a later time.