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laugh in somebody’s face

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlaugh in somebody’s facelaugh in somebody’s faceRUDE/IMPOLITEto behave towards someone in a way that shows that you do not respect them I told my sister what I thought, and she just laughed in my face. laugh
Examples from the Corpus
laugh in somebody’s faceI confronted my daughter, but she just laughed in my face.If she warned Ace what her father expected of him he'd laugh in her face.If some one had told her what was going to happen she would have laughed in their face.The next time you hear a native-born athlete complain about adversity, remember Livan Hernandez and laugh in his face.When I was four, I told my sister about the Creation, and she laughed in my face.He mocks death, laughs in its face, and others of his ilk laugh in a chorus all around him.Instead, have fun with our great £25,000 series of slump-busting contests and laugh in the face of Lamont.This is the last in our great £25,000 series of slump-busting contests to help you laugh in the face of Lamont.Ryan laughed in my face, which is what I expected.
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