2 noun
laugh2 S3
1 [countable] the act of laughing or the sound you make when you laugh:
a nervous laugh
with a laugh
'What a mess!' she said, with a laugh.
At first she was silent, then she gave a nervous laugh.
It was a nightmare at the time, but afterwards we all had a good laugh (=laughed a lot) about it.
This scene gets one of the biggest laughs in the movie.
Tell me - I could use a laugh (=I am upset or sad and would like to hear something funny).
2 [countable] if something is a laugh, you have fun and enjoy yourself when you are doing it:
We all went to the beach last night - it was a really good laugh.
The other campers were nice, and we had a great laugh together.
It was a great holiday with lots of laughs.

somebody is a (good) laugh

British English to be amusing and fun to be with:
I like Peter - he's a good laugh.

for laughs

also for a laugh British English for fun :
We took the hot-air balloon ride, just for laughs.

that's a laugh

spoken used to say that something is silly or unlikely:
Me? Star in a film? That's a laugh.

have the last laugh

to finally be successful, win an argument etc, after other people have earlier criticized you, defeated you etc:
Men make jokes about women drivers, but women have the last laugh - their insurance rates are cheaper.

be a laugh a minute

informal to be very funny - sometimes used humorously to mean that someone or something is not at all funny

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