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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlaunderettelaun‧der‧ette /ˌlɔːndəˈret $ ˌlɒːn-/ (also laundrette /lɔːnˈdret $ lɒːn-/ British English, Laundromat /ˈlɔːndrəmæt $ ˈlɒːn-/ trademark American English) noun [countable]  SHOP/STOREWASHa place where you can go to wash your clothes in machines that work when you put coins in them
Examples from the Corpus
launderetteLunch hour meant a hurried visit to a launderette or one of the new supermarkets.For example, the washing machines in your local launderette are actually completely automatic vending machines.The cost of launderettes is prohibitive on a subsistence income - so the washing gets done in the sink.The light from the launderette had shone upon him like an arc lamp.During the period we were watching, we counted between 2,200 and 2,300 going into the launderette.
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