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lavenderlav‧en‧der /ˈlævəndə $ -ər/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]HBP a plant that has grey-green leaves and purple flowers with a strong pleasant smell2 [uncountable]CC a pale purple colour
Examples from the Corpus
lavenderIn most cases, the perfumes that insects find attractive, such as lavender, roses, and honeysuckle, please us as well.Bring a little lavender in, if you got any.All the doors were locked and bolted so I climbed out through the kitchen window and dropped into a bed of lavender.For example: try two drops of bergamot, one drop of lavender and one drop of sandalwood.Boiled lard in a pan of water, cooled, strained and mixed with oil of lavender was used.Lemon or bergamot blends well with sesame as a base oil; lavender and/or rosemary is good with olive oil.The room was airless and putrid and stifling hot, the window lavender with either twilight or dawn.
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