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lawnlawn /lɔːn $ lɒːn/ ●●● S2 noun  1 [countable, uncountable]DLG an area of ground in a garden or park that is covered with short grass I spent all morning mowing the lawn (=cutting the grass). a carefully tended lawn2 [uncountable]TIM a fine cloth made from cotton or linen
Examples from the Corpus
lawnGravel is a good substitute for a lawn, especially in a very small garden.Breaking up the concrete driveway came next to make way for lawns, borders and a pond.Women came out of their houses to turn on lawn sprinklers, soaking the marchers as they walked by.Seating is free for those wishing to bring their own blankets or lawn chairs.Well recommended food. 2.5 acres of terraced lawns with 25 metre heated outdoor pool.Out front, stuck in the lawn by the walk, was a sign announcing that he took passport photos.This behaviour should not be encouraged, because it can cause damage to the lawn or plants.Now I dropped my jacket on to the lawn and fell atop it.mowing ... lawnTrue, I was planning to spend time cleaning the basement, whacking weeds and mowing the lawn.Though he had always hated mowing the lawns he liked the garden, too.Amanda beamed - now George had no excuse for not mowing the lawn.Ken was mowing the lawn that afternoon.
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