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lawsuitlaw‧suit /ˈlɔːsuːt, -sjuːt $ ˈlɒːsuːt/ ●○○ noun [countable]  SCa problem or complaint that a person or organization brings to a court of law to be settled syn suitlawsuit against His lawyer filed a lawsuit against the city.COLLOCATIONSverbsfile a lawsuit (=to officially take a lawsuit to a court)She filed a lawsuit accusing him of sexual harassmentbring a lawsuit against somebody (=to take a lawsuit against someone to a court)A former employee brought a lawsuit against the company claiming unfair dismissal. settle a lawsuit (=to reach an agreement that stops a lawsuit)I would prefer to settle the lawsuit out of court.drop a lawsuit (=to stop taking a lawsuit to court)First Bank agreed to drop its lawsuits against another bank as a result of the decision.win/lose a lawsuitShe won a discrimination lawsuit against her former company.
Examples from the Corpus
lawsuitB South Pasadena has 30 days to file a lawsuit to block the freeway.And a group of Redford residents is trying to mount a class-action lawsuit against the government.A Pennsylvania state appeals court also has said a state airbag lawsuit can proceed despite federal safety rules.However, the Blumenfeld lawsuit and supporting documents show possible inconsistencies in some of the reports Mr Goldinger sent to clients.Will employers be tempted to screen potential employees to protect themselves from lawsuits afterwards from workers who contract such diseases?But the lawsuits have not gone away.Surprise: The cops' evidence is turned against them in the lawsuit.The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in state court in Houston, seeks unspecified damages.filed ... lawsuitThey all filed lawsuits, complaining that their civil rights had been violated.Allen filed a lawsuit in connection with his dismissal.Those in the anti- barrier camp filed a lawsuit in March 1996 to reopen Shade Road.He has filed a lawsuit against Berry seeking co-authorship of more than 50 songs.It has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft stating that it has infringed two Stac patents.Neighbors have filed a lawsuit to stop development.He filed a lawsuit in federal court in Florida in 1978.Hennigan filed a lawsuit on behalf of the survivors' families accusing the gun maker, Navegar Inc. of Miami.
From Longman Business Dictionarylawsuitlaw‧suit /ˈlɔːsuːt, -sjuːtˈlɒːsuːt/ noun [countable]LAW a charge, claim, or complaint against someone that is made in a court of law by a private person or company, not by the police or statelawsuit againstLocal people filed a privatelawsuit against the City over water contamination.After a three-year court battle, the family settled the lawsuit for a reported $250000.
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