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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlaxlax /læks/ adjective  CARELESSSTRICTnot strict or careful enough about standards of behaviour, work, safety etc syn slacklax in (doing) something The company has been lax in carrying out its duties. lax securitylaxity (also laxness) noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
laxI think the school has been too lax about bad behaviour in the past.The weakness in her legs made her go lax in Adrienne's arms.The report criticizes the lax security at many prisons.lax security for the buildinglax in (doing) somethingIsn't he rather lax in calling for social change?During the war years, with more pressing problems to deal with, officialdom was comparatively lax in matters cultural.Local authorities have been notoriously lax in projecting aims and policies and facing up to weaknesses.Forest Service officials have been notoriously lax in pursuing forest clear cutting elsewhere.Witch-hunters who became lax in their duties were themselves held to account.
LAXLAX /ˌel eɪ ˈeks/  (Los Angeles International Airport) the main airport in Los Angeles, California
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