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lay an egg

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlay an egglay an eggAmerican English informalFAIL to fail or be unsuccessful at something that you are trying to do egg
Examples from the Corpus
lay an eggAdults grow to varying sizes, depending on food available, and lay eggs in late summer.Within it, they copulate and lay eggs.In turn the later reptiles could diversify on land when they could lay eggs away from a watery environment.Gravid female fig wasps enter figs, lay eggs and die.Female brush turkeys visit the males' mounds, lay eggs in them, and depart.The first episode of the series laid an egg.A few species laid eggs beneath mounds of rotten vegetation that warmed as it decayed.These mate, fly away and the females find new plants to lay eggs on.The wasp lays eggs inside the eggs laid by the whitefly, thereby destroying the whitefly eggs.
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