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lay/provide the foundation(s) for something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlay/provide the foundation(s) for somethinglay/provide the foundation(s) for somethingPREPAREto provide the conditions that will make it possible for something to be successful Careful planning laid the foundations for the nation’s economic miracle. foundation
Examples from the Corpus
lay/provide the foundation(s) for somethingThis theory also laid the foundation for the modern revolution in our understanding of the deepest parts of the earth.These arguments provide the foundation for Simmel's account of the contradictory nature of modern life.To generate fundamental knowledge that can lay the foundation for future advances in high-performance computing and communications.We could say that she is laying the foundations for dressing herself later on.It laid the foundation for an organisation with greater appeal to the deaf themselves, particularly the young.Tests on healthy people may lay the foundation for a vaccine to prevent AIDS.What is stressed rather is that the same phenomenon provides the foundation for both historical tendencies.While incomplete, the steps that were taken laid the foundation for Workplace 2000.I think you have to lay the foundation for your success in terms of defense and rebounding.
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