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lay/put something to rest

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlay/put something to restlay/put something to restGET RID OF formal to stop people from worrying about or believing something The minister resigned, and the government hoped that the scandal would finally be laid to rest. rest
Examples from the Corpus
lay/put something to restShe took the pills and lay down to rest with her eyes closed.Many of the public's doubts have now been laid to rest.I think this definitely puts it to rest.A second glance put my mind to rest, but for a moment there it gave me a turn.Without proof I should really lay the idea to rest.Then she lay down to rest in the lounge, surrounded by other women who even here never stopped talking.Rather it attempted to lay the movement to rest.The time has come to put this to rest.Kwasniewski has said he may dissolve parliament to put the issue to rest and call for new elections.
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