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lay the foundations/groundwork/base

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlay the foundations/groundwork/baselay the foundations/groundwork/baseto provide the conditions that will make it possible for something to happen or be successfullay the foundations/groundwork/base for Mandela helped lay the foundations for a new democratic South Africa. It was an invention which laid the foundations of modern radio technology. lay
Examples from the Corpus
lay the foundations/groundwork/baseHe laid the foundations by cutting one percent off interest rates, scrapping special car tax, and boosting the housing industry.Because Save the Children want to lay the foundations for a better future.The defense Monday seemed to lay the groundwork for an argument about damages.Will took advantage of this opportunity to lay the groundwork for his epitaph.He said he hoped they had laid the foundations for peace - but admitted obstacles could lie ahead.Then the elite persuaded the newly elected mayor to appoint a committee to lay the groundwork for redevelopment.Progress in primary schools has laid the foundations for the drive to raise standards in secondary schools, announced last month.One of my officials chairs the experts committee that laid the groundwork for this achievement.
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