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lay your hands on something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlay your hands on somethinglay your hands on somethingto find or get something I would read any book I could lay my hands on. hand
Examples from the Corpus
lay your hands on somethingHe will sell anything he can lay his hands on in exchange for drugs, which includes any information he may have.I like writing letters and reading anything I can lay my hands on!Kabari women use whatever birth control technology they can lay their hands on.Monday I felt driven to eat everything I could lay my hands on.Government reports, social legislation, anything she could lay her hands on that would better acquaint her with her work.Looters carried clothes out of shop windows along with anything else they could lay their hands on.Some one had to overturn the present political arrangements in the Limousin if he was ever to lay his hands on Hautefort.I know exactly where to lay my hands on them.
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